Are you delivering the best experience for your guests who use wheelchairs?

Are they restricted by seat location?

Do they have unobstructed visibility?

Can they easily access all areas of your facility?

Is there a limited number of companion seats available?

Need to elevate the eye-line-of-sight for your guests?

UpLift™ by Lexia.Solutions



People who use wheelchairs are regularly limited by seating location, visible line of sight, and number of people who can accompany them.  Some barriers still stand tall, with traditional methods of removing barriers for wheelchair users falling short, UpLift has been designed to bridge the gap for wheelchair users and venue operators.

UpLift by Lexia.Solutions™ is a first-of-its-kind, Patented (U.S. Patent No. 10,406,047 / U.S. Patent No. 10,869,793) and patent-pending device that revolutionizes access for people who use wheelchairs to attend live events, restaurants, schools, casinos, and more. With UpLift, venue operators/facility managers can attract an underserved market and grow the bottom line by elevating accessibility and transforming experiences.


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Attract and retain an underserved group of prospective customers

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Offer more sightlines and clearer visibility

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Provide more seating locations and choices

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Alleviate companion-seat restrictions

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Increase accessibility without modifying your facility

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Give users more control and independence

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Enhance your brand by doing social good

five stars

“This merges accessibility and technology together perfectly. I could see myself using this at any venue.”

Cole S.

Cole S.

Social Influencer

five stars

“The UpLift's ability to provide a person unassisted access to public facilities creates a more inclusive environment in so many settings and is a life-changing device for people in wheelchairs.”

Kelley S.

Kelley S.


five stars

“Making room for people of all abilities doesn’t just benefit your image, it’s also good for business.”

Yannick B.

Yannick B.

Sommelier and Restaurant Owner

Created by a team that truly understands wheelchair accessibility.

Lexia.Solutions created UpLift to solve real-world challenges.

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