UpLift Entryway by Lexia.Solutions™ is an innovative, relocatable platform lift located next to the entrances of establishments or homes for people who use wheelchairs to lift themselves into and out of establishments, an alternative option to accommodate ADA compliance without expensive construction or massive ramps.  By keeping UpLift Entryway at establishments with steps or level changes, wheelchair users can now access restaurants, bars, casinos, schools, trains, and even their own homes without limits. Plus, 78% of consumers will buy from a business that ensures easy access for individuals with disabilities (American Institutes for Research).

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More Access

UpLift Entryway provides people who use wheelchairs more choices for navigating in and out of buildings who have UpLift Entryway available. This device is easy enough for just one facility manager or home owner, operate, clean, and maintain.  At just 10” wide and 34” tall when not in use, the device is quickly stored and relocated to any steps or entryway anywhere in a business or home setting.

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More Independence

UpLift Entryway enables people with disabilities easy, independent ingress and egress. The platform lifts vertically and horizontally, allowing for unassisted access up and over steps.  UpLift Entryway features a lifting capacity of 750 pounds, clearance of up to 5 steps, and an LCD touch-screen control pad so users can easily and safely ascend or descend at will.

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More Safety

UpLift Entryway has a laser-guided safety sensor system to ensure safe and consistent setup for each use.  Anyone who uses the device can expect to feel safe, comfortable, and in control. Increasing accessibility to your space will not only attract more business from your current patrons but will also drive new traffic and set you aside from your competitors.

ADA Compliance Has Never Been More Affordable and Attainable

UpLift Entryway provides smart, economical, and highly desirable options for both businesses and families by enhancing experiences and improving access for wheelchair users. The UpLift products help overcome existing ADA compliance barriers and improve accessibility without enduring costly and lengthy construction projects.

In fact, businesses with fewer than 30 full-time employees and/or $1M or less in annual revenue may qualify for a $5,000 annual tax credit by acquiring an UpLift, even if financed. Check with your tax advisor.

Let’s talk today about how UpLift can help you grow your business by attracting, satisfying, and retaining more guests who use wheelchairs. Rise above the competition by elevating your access standards!