How does the ADA tax credit apply to my business once I acquire an UpLift?

  • Businesses with 30 full-time employees or less and/or $1,000,000 or less in annual gross income can receive a tax credit of 50% on all investments made to remove “barriers of access” per the ADA. This includes the UpLift! The maximum tax credit is $5,000/year and all tax credits are renewable each year.
  • If financing is used to purchase UpLift units and the business qualifies, they will receive the units at 50% off for their first $10,250 spent on UpLift expenditures each year.
    • Example: If your monthly payment for units is $850, you will receive $425 in tax credits each month. 
  • You can find the IRS ADA tax form 8826 here.

How many devices does my facility need?

The number of UpLift units depends on the number of inaccessible spaces in your building. We are ready to create a custom plan for you that identifies the minimum number of spaces required by the ADA. Contact us to get started.

NOTE: Lexia.Solutions is committed to developing a custom accessibility plan that better serves guests in wheelchairs during COVID-19.

How much space and venue staff does UpLift require?

  • UpLift storage size is 9.5” Wide x 46” Long x 36.5” High
  • When unfolded, UpLift is 42” Wide x 48” Long x 36.5” High
  • Only one staff member is needed for removing UpLift from its roll-on/roll-off charging dock, transporting the device to its intended destination, packing up the device, and returning it to the charging dock.
  • Once UpLift is ready to be set up, a single operator can initiate the unfolding sequence and direct the user to approach the device. After the guest rolls onto the unit, they control their own elevation using the LCD touchscreen. Soon, this can be done via a smartphone app as well.

How do I get a certification to provide Uplift to people who use wheelchairs?

Certification classes are available in Nashville, TN or online training through video tutorials plus access to virtual training staff. 

What are ways to let guests know we carry UpLift devices?

  1. Inform your staff that UpLift is available for use. Remind them, as needed
  2. Share photos/videos of guests experiencing UpLift to your marketing channels
  3. Highlight UpLift on promotional materials and ticketing/registration pages
  4. Establish signage directing guests in wheelchairs to inquire about UpLift

What can my facility do to be more accessible?

The Americans with Disabilities Act gives many examples of how public gathering spaces can ensure they are doing their part to offer access under the law. More information can be found at www.ada.gov

Does Lexia.Solutions provide technical support for installation and ongoing maintenance? 

If you experience technical issues, please email info@lexiasolutions.com or call 615-487-5438.


Where can I use UpLift?

  • This depends on the facility, but UpLift can be located in a variety of seating areas and entryways — luxury suites, bar counters, high-top tables, casino gaming tables, facility entrances, classroom tables, etc. Any area that restricts viewing capabilities, entrance access, or has a surface higher than 36 inches from the ground can be a good spot for UpLift.
  • Locations are pre-determined and the unit is installed by a partner certified to service an UpLift. 

Will I need someone else to assist me with using UpLift?

Only to set up and store the UpLift. Once in place, an UpLift user can independently control the device using the LCD touchscreen designed specifically for individuals with low motor abilities in his/her hands. Soon, users will also have the option to control the device through a smartphone application.

What is the maximum lifting capacity and reach of UpLift?

UpLift can lift up to 750 pounds and reach over 5 stairs.

Do wheelchair users bring UpLift with them?

No, UpLift devices are safely and discreetly stored at the establishment.

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